Arduino 2.0 problem

Hi, ive installed Arduino 2.0 beta and i have a problem with opening the ino files.I think it might be a problem since it doesnt happen with older version of Arduino IDE.If i right click on a ino file and choose Open with... option , the IDE doesnt open the file.It opens with an example file that came with the IDE install. What should i do to be able to open the files right clicking on them and choose IDE 2.0 and not form the app?
Thank You.

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This is a known issue being tracked here:

(titled for macOS but it affects all operating systems)
It looks like there was some work on it here:

but never completed.

Thank you for reply, i hope they solve this issue because sometimes is harder to open the files from inside the app while that file is in a folder inside another folder, inside another folder...

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