Arduino 2.11 beta ESP 32 Jtag

Not sure if there is a seperate forum for Arduino IDE 2.11 beta?

How can I setup the 2.11 IDE to debug a ESP32 using JTAG?

This is the correct one. This forum category is for all Arduino IDE 2.x versions. The version of the Arduino IDE you are using is actually 2.0.0-beta.11. There is no such thing as "Arduino IDE 2.11 beta".

As far as I know (and I keep a watch on such things), the only Arduino boards platform that has support for the Arduino IDE 2.x integrated debugger is the "Arduino SAMD Boards" platform of the Arduino Zero, MKR boards, and Nano 33 IoT. It is possible to add support to other platforms, but it seems nobody has done so yet, perhaps because Arduino hasn't bothered to document how it can be done. Reverse engineering the system from the Arduino SAMD Boards configuration code and applying it to another platform would be very simple enough though. It's only a matter of adding a few lines to a couple of files.

But in the case of the ESP32 there is also the question of whether the integrated debugger itself can offer support. The IDE's integrated debugger is actually this nice VS Code extension:

As the name implies, this debugger is designed for use with microcontrollers that use the ARM Cortex-M IP core. The ESP32 uses a Tensilica Xtensa core instead. I'm not saying it's guaranteed that it is not compatible though. It would certainly be a great advancement for the Arduino community if this support was added!

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To use the IDE 2.0 debugger, you must use the Arduino Zero (SAMD) board, which has an embedded hardware debugger. Unfortunately this board is the UNO shield format and has relatively few DIO and AI pins.

Other SAMD boards such as the MKR series and the Nano 33 IoT do not have an embedded debugger and you need to purchase an add-on hardware debugger which costs about $200 after tax and shipment.

It should be possible to use any CMSIS-DAP compliant debug probe with the Arduino IDE 2.x integrated debugger without any special configuration. There are several options available for significantly less than $200 USD you mentioned. The one I use was an order of magnitude less expensive than that.

Good to know that. Can you supply me a link to an affordable debugger? Thanks. Regarding the other problem I had, indeed 2.0 has a runaway process or two that come up at the start of the session for a while, and I have some screenshots. For some reason, I am now less affected by this issue. Maybe it has compiled whatever it needs by now, and is less frequently invoked. Regarding the mouse issue I had - embarrassed to say it was my own fault, for moving the wireless dongle to the far side of the laptop, away from the mouse and in the midst of a couple of WiFi stations. Thanks.

A few options are discussed in this forum topic:

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