Arduino 2 12V motors and one 5V servo - Help needed

Hello everyone.
I intend to implement a project for electronics, but I have no knowledge, so I come to ask for help in the art.
The idea is to create a head for a crane to a camera where the head should rotate in the X and Y axis, and also have a motor to control the focus on the camera.
Here is an idea of what I want.

In this example, only the head is rotating in the X and Y axes, where two motors are used, then I know I’ll need a third motor to focus.

My idea is to control two 12V motors for axes and a 5 v to focus through two joysticks, like the playstation.

In the research I’ve done, I already have an idea of the stuff I have to buy, but still do not know for sure what the best specifications, as well as not really know how to connect everything to the Arduino, mainly because of the 5V engine.

From what I think I have to buy the following material:
1 Arduino UNO;
2 12V motors (here I do not know if for example they are sufficient to support the weight of the head and camera # .U_X_Llb3vME);
1 - H bridge like this (
1 - Motor 5V to focus like this (
1 Battery (here i have doubts because I do not know if it takes a 24V battery, since they are two 12V motors)
2 Joysitcks like this (

To connect to the arduino h bridge will use the scheme attached (Attachement 1)
To connect the joystick to the first Arduino will use the scheme attached (Attachement 2)

Now the doubts begin:
It´s still meassing to connect the 5V engine and a joystick.
What I think is that the engine can be powered by 5v arduino, but do not know if it is safe not to damage the arduino.
I believe that the second joystick must be connected as follows:
arduino joystick
Grd Grd
5V 5V
JRX A3 (given that A1 and A2 are already occupied by another joystick)
JRY (will not be connected to anything because I’ll only use one engine).

Now I do not know how to connect the cables from the servo 5V.

To recap on my doubts:
1 - Whether these 12V motors can withstand the weight of the head and the camera.
2 - Whether my suggestions of connections are correct;
3 - How to use on battery to power the whole circuit (if you can send me a link of a suggestion);
4 - Where to connect the cables from the motor 5V;

If you can help, I thank you.
best regards

OK so I read this a few times and am not sure i understand what it is you are asking for here.

You have listed the doubts and where you feel the system may not perform as you want it to but have not really said why you seeking help here.

Cheers Pete.