Arduino + 2.8" UNO Module

I’m a real newby and have a stupid question for most. I have an Arduino UNO and a 2.8" UNO Module display but I would also like to use the input / outputs of the Arduino and the display. The 2.8" display takes up all the pins. Is there an interface that goes between the two to make this possible or do I need a different display.


Without a link to the screen you use it's nearly impossible to say.

It is a regular Blue Mcufriend shield.

A5 is the only spare pin.
D10-D13 are available if you don't use the microSD
D0-D1 are used by Serial.


I'm sure I'm in way over my head but it appears that the Arduino Uno / 2.8" UNO Module display combination will not allow me to also control other components. I have switch inputs, heater control,switch on and off a motor controller etc. It may be too much for the Arduino.