Arduino 2 and printer 3d

Hello , I want talk with people that have interesting for RipRap project . What is the firmware that run with Arduino2 for this project and , particularly, The Mandel model ? Tank’s

Hello, might be that nobody is working with firmware of Arduino 2 for printer 3 D ? If you're there, knock!


I am currently working on adapting the RAMPS printer control shield for Due. Soon I hope to start porting some RepRap firmware to the Due also. There is a web page describing the concept.

I'm currently working on porting Reprap firmware to an NXP ARM chip (LPC1114). Hopefully I will be able to make a multiplatform firmware to run on AVR, SAM3X or LPC11xx, possibly others, using ChibiOS. I've already done a Reprap firmware for STM32 using ChibiOS.