Arduino + 24V Pump + 24V Solenoid Valve

I am trying to find the best way possible to drive my 24 V DC Pump and 24V Solenoid via Arduino. Basically, Arduino needs to start and stop Motor and Solenoid simultaneously.

I was wondering if I can use a relay for the purpose. The Pump comes with an AC adaptor and I can perhaps put the pump and solenoid in parallel so they can share the same 24 Volatage coming out of adaptor.

Is thiis OK ? Do I need to use a flyback diode as well ?

The other alternatives are to use MOSFET but I am not too sure of the conneection diiagram.

Another way would be -

  1. Have two relays, 1 each for Solenoid and Pump.
  2. Buy another 24 V Adaptor and drive both the relays LOW or HIGH based on the same shared HIGH\LOW sensor signal

I would ideally like the cheapest circuit but which keeps everything safe and running.

Any help is appreciated.

Let's see, you have relays with unknown coil voltage and contacts with unknown current handling capability.
A 24V pump and solenoid with unknown current requirements, an unknown sensor and a 24V adapter with unknown current capability.
Imagine our dilemma. :slight_smile: