Arduino 3.3 V regulator

hey guys, I think i burned my arduino 3.3 v somehow but it's very small that i can't solder another one but other than that the arduino still works but i gets really hot . What do you suggest i do ?? i would appreciate any help thanks in advance

It lowers the current to prevent damage by getting too hot. However, it still can get too hot to hold your finger on it.
You don’t have to replace it, it is probably just fine.

Don’t draw that much current from the 3.3V !
Use a seperate power supply.

Or does it get hot when nothing is connected ?
In that case a capacitor might be blown, or the regulator is indeed broken, or you have a shortcut on a cheap Ebay clone.

You could de-solder it from the board, and add an extra 3.3V voltage regulator outside the board, using the 5V, 3.3V and GND pins.

What I’m saying here: which Arduino board ? how did it happen ? did you test it with nothing connected ? is your board a clone from Ebay ? or do you mean that you have a 3.3V Arduino board and the microcontroller is getting hot ? and so on …

I have an official arduino Uno board. It gets hot even when nothing is connected to it,also i have no idea how did this happen . The regulator is really small so it's really hard to replace it without damaging other stuff