Arduino 328PB using an external 8MHz Resonator

Hello All,

Recently I started a low voltage project using the 328PB with an external 8MHz resonator. I went on vacation and after I came back I could upload code, great the HW works (at least I hope all the time, tbd). The problem is I forgot which hogepoge of bootloader code worked for me and now I cannot find it to save my life...Internet history does me no good, trust me.

Does anyone have a suggestion on which bootloader/fuse settings to try? Basically I have fiddled with optiboot and other similar projects and no luck.

I've used the Arduino Pro 8MHz bootloader with great success.

You should be able to use the standard 328p Optiboot (Uno) Bootloader, except that it will run at 57600bps instead of 115200. The 328pb is a "superset" of the 328p, and mostly backward compatible.