Arduino + 3G/GPS shield + CAN shield

Hello people of the world,

I own an Arduino Mega ADK board and further on I just completed some beginner tutorials for my Arduino (blinking LED, controlling a stepper motor etc.) - so I am a beginner..

My question is, if it is possible to connect 2 different shields with my arduino an the same time?

I am interested to connect my Mega with:

simultaneously! Such that I am able to compute received CAN signals from that CAN shield with my arduino and further on I want wo have a position of that CAN signal for an example..

Thanks in adivse.. I apreciate any answers..

Sincerly L3spaul

Me again,

as far as I understood, it is possible to run multiple shields stucken one above the other, when they use different IO pins. Or with other words when they do not interfere each other.