Arduino 4WD Mobile Platform + Eleven Board (Arduino Compatible)

Apologies in advance if I posted this in the wrong place.

I'm working on programming the Eleven board to move the four motors that came in the 4WD kit, but I think my wiring is wrong and I haven't really found anything useful on what wire goes where.

I've been following these video guides, but they had a Romeo board, which seems quite different from the Eleven, which is very similar to the Arduino Uno, as far as I can tell.

The code I'm using is this, and I sort of guessed that the wires go in one of the pins from 6 to 9. Fairly sure I've put the wires connected to the battery pack in the right place, (Red in the power pin labeled VIN and black in the ground pin to the left of the former.) because running the Blink program proved successful and I could see the LED blink.

So my question is: Where do my red and black wires for each motor go?

Thanks in advance for any help.

They go to the motor controller.

Which the Eleven board doesn't have.

The Romeo board, on the other hand, has two motor controllers on board.

So, you need a shield with motor controllers on it, or an external motor controller to run the motors.

Sigh, well, that certainly is a letdown.

Thanks for the reply. I have another question: If I do buy the Romeo board, will I need anything extra for it to communicate with an ultrasonic sensor or any other sensor, for that matter? Or can the sensor communicate directly with the board?

In generall, you dont need anything else for hooking up sensors.

However, it really depends on the sensor. If you buy something like a phidget sensor, or a "leaf" from seedstuio they will be plug and play.

However if you want more specialized sensors things may get a bit more tricky. hard to give a generall answer. If you have doubts, post a link to the sensor you are considering and someone will tell you if its compatible.

cheers p.

I believe this is the ultrasonic sensor I'm using.

yep. your good to go :-)