Arduino 5v power sharing to multiple motor drivers

Hi All, I am a newbie, I have drafted my connection (see attached) to 3 motor drivers with an arduino mega. Question is, will the 5v output from arduino mege have sufficient power to supply to the 3 motor drivers?


If the barrel jack is fed in parallel with the other parts, you could be okay. Do not take 5V from the Mega to power the other stuff.

you should use an external power source to power motors and such. if you try to use the 5v from the arduino, the motors will require more amps than it can supply thus possibly damaging its regulator or even chip.

Thanks for the advice, I will rewire them to avoid damaging its regulator

I see from here and other places that motors should not draw power from the arduino itself - but is it okay to provide power from a source to both the arduino and motors?

Similar question - CrossRoads, what do you mean exactly by "in parallel" (in newbie language please)?

In my use case, I'm thinking of a 4xAA battery pack connected to a breadboard, and then from the breadboard rail to the arduino (via a wire->barrel jack adapter), and also from the breadboard (same rail) to the motors. Alternatively, though roughly same idea, a 5v 3a power supply instead of the 4xAA.

In my case it's 2xsg90 servos... I understand for other types of motors extra care needs to be taken to avoid issues with current traveling back, so for this specific case- are there any gotchas to watch out for?