Arduino 8-bit guitar pedal

Here is a schematic for an Arduino 8-bit guitar pedal that I banged together from various sources around the internet. It sounds pretty wild and shockingly good.
Check it out:

Happy to clarify or help in any way I can

I'd love to hear it, being a guitarist myself :slight_smile:

I will try to record it tonight. There is a switch for 2 different preamps, and a switch at the output for 2 different sounds coming out.
Do you have any suggestions about an organized way that I could present this via a recording?
I'd like to get people more psyched about the cool music that can be made with the Duino'.

Well. What could be cool was to provide some raw clips that can later be 'reamped' be people to show off their effects.

Raw synths, vocals, guitars, basses etc etc. Then clips would be comparable so that the effect can be in focus, and not the playing.

This could be organized on a simple website for downloading the raw clips and uploading the samples with applied effects and a link to the code and schematic for instance.

I have a fetish for these 'one service' sites, and as a fellow musician I'd love to participate on an effort like this!
Feel free to contact me directly if you want to start a dialog.

The simple alternative is to open an account on myspace soundclick etc and either keep the login to yourself, or share it with interested contributors.

I will try the simple solution, but consider the more involved one.
Good ideas, man!
I'm going to be etching the board tonight, and hopefully packaging it up this week.

I kind of thought it would be cool as a kit, with an Arduino, to get people into embedded electronics.
Either way, I am grateful to this form for all of the help and feedback!