Arduino + 884 Victor


I am currently working on trying to run an 884 Victor off an Arduino Duemilanove. The Victor receives the PWM signals okay but...I can't find a min/max value for it. It's almost as if there are multiple values that either set it to full on or full off or somewhere random in between. Is there anyone here that knows the Victor well enough to help me?


I used a victor for robotics at my school the other year... I dunno if its the same model, but from what I remember, we always sent it a float between -0.99 and +0.99

since PWM's run from 0 to 1023 on the arduinos, I am not sure how the software I used was programmed to convert the values properly. Perhaps using the map function might help?

the pwm’s actually run between 0 and 255. id try values around 128 which should be the deadband zone.

Actually, the correct usage AFAIK is to give the Victor a Servo style PWM out put where 90° is neutral and 180° is full forward and 0° is full reverse. I would recommend trying that. I know that the new kit jags (FIRST ROBOTICS) handle it that way and I don't think the Motor driving had to be updated to work with them. Good luck!

OMG!!! Thanks soooooo much s133p!!! It works perfectly! I spent weeks trying to find the right values to input into the motors. I never would have guessed to use the servo scripts to control the victors. Thanks alot for your help and wisdom! ;D ;) :)

No problem! When I was working on my segway clone I had the same problem and Im just glad I could share the wealth!