Arduino 9V Wall adapter - Will it work?

Hello fellow Arduino users :slight_smile:

I’m currently building a small robot with an LCD display and I need an external power supply (for the servos).

I found a 9V wall adapter at home, and I’m wondering if it will work.
I´m worried that there are too much ampere.
Here are the specs:

I.T.E Transformer
Input: 230V / 50Hz 0.075A 16W
Output: 9V / 1000mA 9VA

Actually the amperes are fine.. but it's not going to work because it's just an "AC-adapter" So it's just regulating the AC voltage. You're going to need a "AC-to-DC adapter"

They'll often say "input 240v AC, output 9v DC"

Thank you Captain for the quick answer (and for saving my arduino). I'll just have to go to the hardware store and buy an AC to DC adapter.



Just make sure you get a "center positive" connector, and the arduino has a 2.1mm jack if you were wondering. :slight_smile: