Arduino Accelerometer/Gyro Logging

Hi, I am working on a science project and was looking to implement an Arduino which could constantly keep track of : all 3 axis angles, and acceleration in one direction. I would like it to be recorded onto an sd card which is neatly formatted. Is there anyone else here who has already done exactly this? I am open to using any hardware and I'd really appreciate if someone could give me the code and parts and pinout to do this. I have very little experience with coding or electronics so I don't really know what I'm doing. I plan to learn more in the future but for now, I really need this. Thanks!

You have little experience with coding or electronics but you are going to jump right in on using an Arduino and an accelerometer and a gyro and an SD card?

It is YOUR science project but you want the code, the parts list, and the pinout handed to you?

Count me out.

Just as you would use Serial.print() to send the data to the serial monitor, record it using the Sparkfun OpenLog instead.

I would like it to be recorded onto an sd card which is neatly formatted

An SD card must always be formatted before recording to it.
I don't know by what criteria you judge that the formatting is neat.

If you are referring to the formatting of the data written to the SD card, why do you care?
You can format it neatly when you read it off.

Please don't use the "report to moderator" control for trivia - I've got plenty of other stuff to occupy my time.

If you don't intend to put in much, or any, effort, I can move this to "Gigs and collaborations" if you wish.

but I really don't know where to start

There are plenty of examples, both in the IDE and the Playground.

Try working through a few.