Arduino & Adafruit shield compatibility solution

Apologies if this is in the wrong topic, but wasn't really sure what area it would go under.

I have an Arduino Mega 2560 R3 with an Arduino Motor Shield connected to it and they work fine. I now also have an Adafruit Wifi Shield (sorry, would love an Arduino one, but at 70Euros a pop it's just too expensive) which they decided would use pins 3,11-13 just like the Motor shield. I accept that it is their problem for making a "compatible" shield not all that compatible, but as their response was to just buy their own motor shield I decided to come here. My original question is up on Stackoverflow here.

A little bit of info: the Adafruit shield uses the ICSP ports on the Mega, so it is the first to go on in the shield 'stack'. Therefore your lovely motor shield (R3) goes above it. Motors A and B use digital pins 3, 11, 12 and 13 for the direction and PWM. As the Adafruit one will have to stay as it is, short of butchering it to redirect the ports, can I reassign the motor pins from the motor shield to other pins on the Mega? I notice that the mega seems to say that 2-13 are PWM compatible, so is there a way of using one of the other pins instead? Or if you have any other solutions then I would be most grateful.

SPI pins on Mega are 51-53 (50-52?), vs 11-13 on the Uno.

"Each order comes with one fully assembled and tested shield, some male header for attaching it to an Arduino and a 2x3 female header that you can use to plug it into the ICSP port of a Mega."

Use a meter and confirm the ICSP pins are connected to 11-13. MOSI 11, MISO 12, SCK 13 MISO 1 2 VCC SCK 3 4 MOSI Reset 5 6 GND

If so, maybe you can just unsolder male pins 11-13 from the Wifi shield and eliminate the interference that way.


Between you and Adafruit I have hopefully sorted it out. I need to cut the traces to pins 11-13 making them free to use with the motor shield. As the ICSP specific pins are in use are there it shouldn't be a problem. That and re-routing the IRQ from pin 3 to pin 2 in a similar fashion and I should be done. Annoying but a solution. Thank you for your help!