Arduino ADK Android Phone/Tablet module


first to say hello to all the forumers here! I'm new to this community, but I am looking forward to start developing using my skills in Android/Java.

I am a student in a IT engineering faculty and we are trying to assemble kit for developing.
We want to use the following thigs or simillar:

  • Arduino ADK
  • Big package (bigger - better) or kit with accessories and modules
  • An Android Phone or/and Android Tablet module; better not assembled; The idea is to use his hardware like calls, SMS (message) receiving, GPRS, Accselometer, Light sensors, Tilt sensors and all that are possible.
  • ++ I am opened to new ideas.

Some parts of our project include, e.g. we make a call to the module and it starts a chronometer. Or something like this... we send a text message SOS and the module makes a call to a given number. And much, much more.

My question is can someone please give me advice into this direction? I just can't find a good whole and as much as possible full of modules and accessories kit. And the other problem is the Tablet/Phone. It doesn't need to be fully assembled.

I will be very pleased if someone can provide me links to direct buy. The price doesn't matter.

Thanks a lot!

For first time this is the idea and I hope that the community here understands my problem. I will update the topic asap.