Arduino ADK first day. When plug usb WindowsXPsp3 doesn't recognized the board

Hi forum. This is my first post here. I've been using Arduino boards from long time. Now I want to start with ADK board&Android.

Yesterday I received the board. With environment installed I plug the USB conector to the board, and the PC is unable to choose a correct driver for it (reading some docs say that driver is "USB CDC", that must come with WXP by default). Extrange!

Looking at "Device Manager" it shows: VID_2341 PID_003F Googling this data doesn't provide me any info.

Some idea? Maybe the ATmega8U2 (usb to rs232 adapter) firmware is dead?

Thanks in advance.


Does an extra comm port appear in Device Manager when you connect it?


No, Thank you.

I believe you need the driver found on this page: the bottom here:


You're right. Thank you Sergio

blink example running XD

Joolly good :-)