Arduino ADK r3 + Samsung Galaxy S3

Hi there.

I'm currently trying to build a robot based on the Arduino Mega. Now I wanted to expand my project by using an Arduino Mega ADK r3 + Samsung Galaxy S3 so I can use the S3's Wifi and sensor capabilities. Also I wanted to use the much faster processor and the mass storage inside the smartphone.

But trying this, I have encountered the problem, that my phone doesn't communicate with the ADK. The ADK's sample sketches to parse descriptors of usb devices works with mass-storages, mice or keyboards but my S3 seems not to be sending any data. It just uses the arduinos power to recharge.

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?


nobody any ideas?

make sure to set your phone as an accessory in the settings, that might help.

how exactly do i do that? im searching for the option the whole time but didnt find it

tada. found my mistake. i activated wifi debugging for my phone. this way it didn't communicate over usb at all. thanks for helping me find the mistake :)