Arduino - Adobe Director communication

Hello guys.

I am working on a project with Arduino diecimila and Adobe Director. I have a bar in the game which I want to be moved with my interface. The interface is also a bar that looks like a T. The goal of the game is to balance some balls on the bar by moving it left and right → example Google - Balance Balls.

I don’t want to move the bar with the keys on my keyboard but with my interface. So I have a DistanceSensor on it, which should read the distance to a plate. I don’t know how can I put the values of the sensor which is connected by Arduino to the Game?
Does anyone of you know a Lingo command?

I have another example which was made by my teacher, but this isn’t with a bar but with a quicktime movie of a sun. When the distance of the sensor is on a certain amount the sun rises, when it is on an other amount the sun goes down. Unfortunately I can take his code because he has a movie and I don’t.

Here is his director code:

property pAnalogRange, pAnalogMin, pFactor

on beginSprite me

pAnalogMax = 300
pAnalogMin = 45
pAnalogRange = pAnalogMax - pAnalogMin

pFactor = (sprite(me.spriteNum).duration*1000/60)/pAnalogRange


on serialDataChanged me, data

sprite(me.spriteNum).currenttime = (data - pAnalogMin) * pFactor

sendSprite(me.spriteNum, #setRequestData, TRUE)


I don’t need the duration but the value of the sensor :frowning:

Thank you very much.