Arduino all-in-one speaker

Hello friends,
I am a not a professional to creating things but I want to make a mp3 player which would be something

•bluetooth operated
•pendrive operated
•using Arduino pro mini or Arduino nano
•play pause volume buttons

Please guys help me…

I am a not a professional to creating things

The Arduino is for hobbyists. But, it does help if you know some electronics & programming.

The Arduino can actually be good for learning beginning programming.

It's probably not the best way to learn electronics, but since the Arduino is already assembled and there are lots of plug-in "shields", you can do a lot without knowing lots of electronics. Still, it's better if you understand some basics like Ohm's Law and if you understand what common components do, etc.

I suggest you start-out with a basic-simple audio player made with an [u]audio shield[/u] and see how it goes from there.

•bluetooth operated

I'm not sure about that. The "standard" Bluetooth modules used with the Arduino are not fast enough for audio streaming, or maybe the Arduino can't feed it fast enough.

•pendrive operated

That's going to require an operating system and I don't even know if it's possible. "As shipped" , the Arduino is a USB device, not a USB controller.


It depends on how "compact" you want it. The smaller you make it, the more difficult it gets and surface mount micro-electronics is super-expensive in small quantities. The costs go down when you mass-manufacture and automate production.

...You didn't say anything about a display.

Or, maybe check out the [u]Raspberry Pi[/u].