Arduino Analog Analog Input/Output - Project Feasibility Help!

Hello, intrepid hackers and makers!

I’m a bit of a new kid around the electronics block, did a lot of programming before I started making lights blink on any sort of board. As of now, I’m involved in a “wearable” technology project that involves playing/pausing music from an audio source: anything that you could plug a standard (non-studio) audio jack into. I don’t really need to parse any of the information, just pass the signal on or cut it off based on a condition in my code.

Since I really need to keep hardware compact, my first inclination was to take the cable from an analog audio input, plug it in, and then somehow pass on the signal to the earbuds from some output pins. This way, I could pause or play the signal whenever I liked. Unfortunately, my Uno doesn’t have any analog out pins, and making a converter just seems way overkill for simply stopping/forwarding a signal. A digital switch well suited for audio signals would be the obvious choice here, but I cannot seem to find one suited to my needs. If there is a way to take an analog signal from a input pin, and then pass it out to a speaker as an acceptable quality audio signal, then I would love a link or an explanation. If this is not the case, if somebody could point me in the direction of a good switch (or any other way to do this), I would be eternally greatful.

TL;DR version of my explanation:

I need a way to pause/play an audio input from an mp3 player based on code on an Uno. Audio would be going to some cheap earbuds. Great quality not a concern.

stop… or just mute ?