Arduino analog expander

After reading some of my electronics books last night I came up with a
seemingly ingenious idea. So, this morning I got up to go to school as
usual, and probably end up forgetting my brilliant idea. But no. School
was cancelled from the massive ammounts of snowfall ( over 10 inches!),
so I got to work designing my idea...

What I thought, was using a 4066 analog switch to give more analog inputs
for the arduino. Sadly, the device can only handle one chanel at once. This is
selected by sending pulses to a 4017 from the arduino board, which
enables one of eight switches to send different values to A0.

Does anyone know how to attatch images sop I can post the schematic?

To display an image you must first store that image on a web site.

So for example my internet provider provides a free blog site.

I stored:

Now when you post a reply click insert image:

And put the image url in the ......

Oh, so I need to build my own website (again)?

Try using


Imgur looks cool!
The schematic is here:

I've just seen: it's far too big. The image can be seen here:

Also I noticed. Isn't this just a multiplexer?

Sure looks like TDM (time division multiplexing) to me.

I like the idea. It should be usefull in applications where the analog signals are not changing
faster than your sampling rate.

You can see that the forum does not resize the image to fit the page.

You have to do that.
About 1000 pixels is the width of the page.