Arduino Analog to Digital?

Dear people at Arduino,

I have a question, i want to make an archeological device only the problem is the communication from the device to the computer. The signal from the device is analog and need to be transferd to the computer. Is it possible to send a analog signal to the arduino and send the analog signal digital to the computer?

And has someone got Win32::SerialPort work with perl and the Arduino?

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Christian & Lisette

This depends on the nature of your analog signal. If it is a voltage in the 0 to 5 Volt range it’s easy.

Arduino has 6 pins with analog to digital conversion build right in.

You can read a voltage between 0 and 5 volts on any of these pins and the analogRead() function will return a value between 0 (0 volts on input pin) and 1023 (5 volts on input pin) you can send that number over the serial connection to your computer.

If the analog signal you want to read is not in the 0 to 5 volt range you need to scale it first with for instance an opamp.

Hello MikMo,

Thank you for your help! I dont know what the max voltage is but i’m already buzzy with the device and it sends it messurements in volt + amp, if i want to have it digital they say to add a digital volt meter on it. (DVM) I dont want to write my messurements down on paper but i want those directly to my computer.

What if the messurements are above the 5 volts? Is it possible to blow up the arduino or does it returns Null? Can i find somewhere a schematic to get it under the 5 volts or make it digital first and than return it to the arduino?

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Vin -------///////////------ GND
R1 | R2
|------------------> Arduino analog pin

Vout = Vin * R1 / (R1+R2)

So if you want to measure a voltage signal use this method. Depending on the type of source (high/low internal Rint), you need to adapt (R1+R2) to be much bigger than Rint.