Arduino and 1 strong + 4 fast lightweight motors ?

Hi all, I am starting with a new project that will need the use of an arduino board + 1 fast strong lightweight motor + 4 fast lightweight motors. I have experience with arduino but not with motors.

Can somebody help me with choosing the best type of arduino board and best type motors for these project? The project have to be lightweight and fast response, fast + slow strong movements.

Thanks for tips, solutions, ideas, ... , regards, bart

When I bought my Alfa Romeo, the salesman told me that the motor is fast and strong and lightweight :wink:

Seriously, you do need to provide more information about your application if you want meaningful advice. Can say how many RPM and what torque you need and what voltage you will use to power the motors?

Saying a little about your application and what the motors will be doing will also help.


You would be better off asking on the forums that specialise in flight system than here. I can't see how an Arduino would fit into this system it is just an RC helicopter.

Mike, an Arduino runtime board would fit into quadrocopter, but you are quite right to suggest that something like the rcgroups forum is a much better place to get information on motors for this kind of app.

Thanks All, Nice that you directly think about helicopters. Quadrocopter seams nice to investigate but it will not be strong enough because i want that these object is connected with a bundle of small (electronic) cables.

On the page i will search for more information and do investigation how many RPM and what torque the object will need.

I have asked these question here at arduino forum because i want to know which are the strongest lightweight motors i can use with an arduino board. So i can do more specific investigation in the possible range of motors on other forums about RC.

Otherwise i will loose a lot of time with searching motors that possibly will not work with arduino.

Maybe the 2300cc motor from my nissan van will do the job? :)

The Arduino doesn't care what motor you use if you connect it using a hobby ESC (speed controller). These can be driven from arduino just like a servo. Best to find an ESC and motor appropriate for your application by asking in rcgroups or one of the other forums that specializes in this topic.

Good Luck!