Arduino and 2 Adafruit Fingerprint modules working together

Hi Everyone. My first post on the forum. I want to do a project with fingerprint access control. But my client wants one on both sides of the door (inside and outside). No I am using this product Adafruit Fingerprint module but I don't want to enroll each person on each fingerprint module. I want to look at enrolling each employee on 1 of these modules and then via arduino "SYNC" the fingerprint models between each other. Is this possible? Can someone maybe point me in the right direction or am I just insane HAHAHA. Look I can do the route of programming/enrolling each person on each module. But we life in a real world and at some point the fingerprint model/id's are not going to match up. And then there is going to come a problem with my online software. As well sorry for my bad lanuage :slight_smile:

hi on the adafruit website they say " there's a high powered DSP chip that does the image rendering, calculation, feature-finding and searching."

it seems like it stored on the scanner and NOT! on the arduino.

Well you can extract the template from one reader to the other but you only have the capacity for 20 fingerprints.

Hi Spirit. No that much I know that its saved on the scanner and not arduino. I only wanted to use the arduino to carry/"SYNC" the 2 fingerprint modules.

Hi Grumpy_Mike. Thank you for the insight with extracting the template. But what do you mean with I'll only have a capacity for 20 fingerprints?

But what do you mean with I'll only have a capacity for 20 fingerprints?

Sorry I thought you had the other product. With that you will get 162 prints.

That is perfect. But is there a way to achieve what i want to do?

Yes I think so. Look at the commands you have. Load and store templates.