Arduino and 5mp camera module

I've read that Arduino cannot handle the amount of data from, say, 5MP camera even in just one pic/sec etc. The Arduino camera modules seem to be limited to 640x480 modules.
What about other Arduino-like modules (oher than Raspberry etc)? Are there any that could be wired to 5mp camera and be able to save to sd module.

A 5 mega-pixel camera will produce a huge image file - about 15 megabytes in BMP format. An Arduino Mega has 8 kilobytes of memory.

'nuff said!


Is there really no way around that like taking in portions of the image saving to sd card as it comes "down the pipe"? In my project I don't need "live" but rather save the image to sd.

It would be so slow that it would be completely impractical. This is a project for an RPi or a cheap laptop.