arduino and access

If a send data from arduino to pc, i want to open the data in microsoft access (save, edit, compare) then send it back to arduino can any one help me with code
Thanks in advanced

You will need something running on the PC to accept the data. Once you have decided what that something is then you can turn your attention to the Arduino code to send the data. Similarly the other way.

Depending on the amount and frequency of the data transfer you might like to consider saving the data to an SD card attached to the Arduino and transferring it to and from the PC using the card.

thanks for your replay i need to edit data at real time not to store in SD then send it to pc, which program or code in pc do i need

If the PC is running Windows then you can use Gobetwino to access files on the PC, and/or execute commands and return their output.

If you don't use Gobetwino then you will need to write your own equivalent to run on the PC and send/receive messages via the Arduino serial connection. If the application you're using to edit the data is something you developed yourself then it would be possible to have that receive and return the data via the serial connection directly.