Arduino and Accessories for sale


I bought and Arduino USB kit and some other accessories to go along with it. The Budget Robotics Scooterbot (, and the Adafruit Motor Stepper Servo Shield ( The Scooterbot cost $60 and the shield cost $20 plus the cost of the Arduino was $35 from www.sparkfun. com

The total price I spent was $115 for everything.

If anybody is interested in this package let me know. Its all in good working order - I just don’t have the time like I thought I would with 5 kids and would rather pass it along to somebody that does.

I live on Fort Belvoir, VA and would pay for the shipping.

Either way, let me know. Make me an offer - I do realize that it is used.

I also have some bipolar stepper motors and some regular DC motors to add to the package as well.

Pictures can be provided on request.

Hi, do you still have this item for sale? I want to get this kit myself, so I m interested to buy it from you.
Please let me know.

My location is in Ireland.