Arduino and android phone with host mode support

I 'm just questionning myself if I can connect an android phone that support the host mode, can I connect it to a standard Arduino , instead of using an Arduino Mega Adk.
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The Arduino Mega Adk has a special chip that implements the host mode and all the examples are designed for that.

A regular Arduino can’t operate in host mode, you will need to add an USB host shield.


I think the original question was more about the capabilities of the phone rather than the Arduino.

I haven't come across a 'regular' mobile phone that has host capability. Although I believe some are planned.

I have got a cheap Android tablet that does have USB host capability. A lot of these hundred dollar devices seem to.

BUT, I didn't have much luck getting it to talk to the Arduino. The problem being drivers for the USB interface. It just wouldn't mount the Uno as a USB device in dev/tty.

I read that the new release of android 4.0 "ice cream sandwich" will provide host mode support. Therefore , I can use the phone as the host and a "regular" arduino acting as the accessory ?

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Finally : Android USB Host + Arduino: How to communicate without rooting your Android Tablet or Phone – Using Android in Industrial Automation