arduino and bluetooth 3.0 remote commande

I am not a confirmed user of the forum, this to explain that my approach is perhaps not well formulated; all my excuses .
I started a project for 3 years of a remotely controlled golf trolley.
The first prototype works with a bluetooth link between arduino — hc05 and android — BT Commander joystick.
But in my project it is not conceivable to use a smartphone during a golf course. So I searched for a more “soft” remote and found this:
Bluetooth Remote Control: Multifunctional bluetooth Control Gamepad Shutter Mouse For iPhone - US$4.99 sold out-arrival notice-arrival notice
This remote control works in BT 3.0, so I replaced the HC05 with an HM-10 that works in BT 4.0. Normally the BT 4.0 is capable of interacting with a BT 3.0. But … I have not yet been able to realize this type of connection.
During my research on the internet, I never found using this remote control with an arduino.
Has anyone had such an experience?
Thank’s for your reply