Arduino and boblight

Hi everyone,

I have just set up my arduino with some WS2801 LEDS and boblight for my linux xbmc machine. Everuthing is set up an bobligtd runs fine with boblight-x11 but only for a few seconds usually and then boblightd will lose the connection to the arduino which causes all my leds to turn red. The arduino is then missing from /dev/ until its unplugged and plugged back in again.

Whats up with that?

Any help would be great as its a bit boggling.

Thank you!

how did you connect between arduino and linux box, via USB? how did you power the arduino? how did you power the WS2801 LEDS? did you monitor arduino 5v power while problem show? does arduino get hot? from symbol of problem, arduino got shutdown ( either under-voltage or thermal) the diagram will help a lot.