Arduino and c168i cellphone.

I would like to use the Motorola c168i cellphone with an Arduino to remotely monitor my beehives. I can get the Arduino to sent SMS messages over the cellphone, but have no way to receive data. When the cellphone gets a text, nothing appears in the serial window (when the Arduino sends serial commands, those show up). Any pointers on how to see the data coming in? Thanks in advance.

Yep you need to find the command that is used to read an SMS. AT+CMGR or something?

Remember that you need to either keep track of how many messages have been received, and only ask for the last one, or make sure you delete ever message after you read it so that you are always looking in message location 1.

Thanks for the help. Question: Arduino sends serial data which shows up in the serial monitor window. The object which the arduino is communicating with sends a reply. Would you see the reply in the serial monitor window?

Obviously it depends on how you have it all connected up.

You shouldn't have two different serial components connected to the arduino's serial port.

The serial connection to the computer happens on digital pins 0 & 1 - you shouldn't have anything else connected to these pins if you are using the serial connection to the computer.