Arduino and COM ports

Seems like this is an issue that won’t go away. I had a machine crash. I reinstalled 1.6.8 and it seemed to work except one library (LMXShield from I-SYST) wouldn’t load. It returned a message “not a valid library file.” Spent a couple of hours troubleshooting and decided to re-install the IDE. Found a download for 1.7.1 and installed it. I was able to load the LMXShield without a problem. Unfortunately, I discovered 1.7.1 didn’t recognize any COM ports even though they appear in the Device Manager… (sound familiar???)… followed all the advice I found on this forum for troubleshooting the issue with no luck. Thought it might be a 1.7.1 issue so I re-installed 1.6.8… still wouldn’t load the LMXShield AND now, 1.6.8 can’t “see” the COM ports. So, any “fresh” advice on how to get the IDE to recognize them would be greatly appreciated? (have attached screen shot of Device Mgr if this helps)!

DM Screen Shot.jpg

RESOLVED.... my bad. I was using an ARDUINO clone from an unrecognized manufacturer). Apparently a clone is not always a clone. I replaced the clone with a GENUINO UNO and the drivers installed "as advertised". A good lesson learned about using (or NOT using) clones. I have a SPARKFUN clone and OSEPP clone. Next step is to test them both as well - hopefully SPARKFUN, OSEPP, and ADAFRUIT will turn out to be "true" clones.

Clones are just fine, you only have to isntall the right driver for it. Most clone don't use a ATmega16u2 as usb serial but some other chip. Most use a CH340. Just install the driver and you're all set :slight_smile: