arduino and database

Need code, document or book to connect arduino with access (or database) to store data and compare it then send response to arduino

Thanks in advance

For school ?
What is the project for ? Do you need a program running on the computer and the Arduino ?

yes on pc and arduino or compare database on it

How is the Arduino connected to the PC that the database is on?

Which database is it?

What operating system is the PC running?

serial communication, access database or excel, win 7

The easiest way that I connected to my access database, was using a simplified webserver and webpage. I used simple asp pages with no html codes to send and receive the data.(old school). So using a Ethernet card on the arduino, I would send data to the server as example and the server would send a response as xml page. The arduino would parse the xml page and then run code based on it.

The nice part about using the webserver is that you can test it and the arduino separately.