Arduino and Device Communication

Just feeling the waters for a project.

Want to know the components and process further than turning on and off an LED with a bluetooth connected device.

Curious to know if I can adjust settings on the arduino code, IE change boolean parameters and then running the arduino program from a connected device *how would that device be connected as well?

Want to change boolean parameters, start the program from the phone.

Want the phone to receive the time taken to complete the program.

Program requires certain motion sensors to be triggered.

Cell phone record the data in a written app.


From that random collection of thoughts and your previous posts it sounds like you want to time how long it takes to navigate the hockey puck through the maze and display the results on a phone.

A Google search for "arduino bluetooth phone" gives 700000 results, and that's just for video tutorials alone.

Yes. I have been watching those tutorials.

As my "ranking" status shows I am a newbie.

I have yet to use an arduino with any shields or any communication beyond basic switches, relays, motors, resistors (joysticks) and LCD screen.

I will continue my research.