Arduino and Digital Photography

Hello there, I'm absolutely new to the forum, and here I come with my first question: I wonder if anybody ever tried to control an image sensor with arduino... I mean a VERY simple digital camera. Just a Thor labs body, a C-mount lens and the minimal electronics to drive it. Arduino would, in my idea, trigger any shot and record the image and GPS data to SD card. Is that "...just an illusion..." ?? :-)

Cheers Ivano

Is that “…just an illusion…” ?

Probably, if you want the Arduino to get the image from the camera and store it, with any kind of speed.

Post a link, though, to the camera in question, and discuss the frame rate you are hoping to achieve.

Uh oh now you've gone and done it...

Hi, I'm not thinking to get a particular FPS as for videos... I would be already happy being able to shoot a single frame...


This works great for me. You can choose the compression from about 20k-200k/image. So that's 2s-20s to send it over Xbee, or SD card.

Is an option... But I was thinking about IR image sensors... I guess I should look for camera sensor evaluation boards...

It is very sensitive to IR. I have a 2w IR laser. All you'd need is a filter to block visible light? Let me know if you find that, I'm interested.