Arduino and DiSEqC 1.2

Hi guys! First of all I'm sorry for my English.

I'd like to know if some of you already made Arduino interact with satelite dish motors and how. I'd like to create an heliostat so that kind of motors (and the gears they have inside to move weights similar to heliostat ones) are the most "off-the-shelf" for this kind of projects.

As I read on Internet dish engines comunicate using the DiSEqC protoc (version 1.2 of this protocol has the "goto" function that is really handy).

So the point is the interaction of Arduino with the DiSEqC protocol. Is there anyone who had already tried this?

Thank you :)


I'm trying to do the same as you tried back in April when you posted this - have you been successful? Thank you for your answer!!

Funny... I was working on it during these days. At the moment I'm working on the sine wave I have to use to communicate using DiSEqC. I bought an AD9850 to produce the sine wave signal.

I'm somehow slow... I do this only on the spare time =(


I am also interested in diseqc controlled by arduino, what 's the status of your project ?



I am interested too !!

Have you been successful?