Arduino and DS2480B (used in DS9097U)

I have been building a onewire temperature sensing setup for our grain bins on the farm using DS18B20 sensors. Most of the time I can nicely read a 10 or 13 sensor string with a sensor spacing of 3' (30' - 39') plus wire running up the side of the grain bin which more than doubles the total length. Most of my onewire busses actually daisy chain two bins together in a short multidrop type bus. Like I said, most of the time it works quite well, but occasionally it works like crap.

Now I have been driving the onewire line directly with the Arduino but I now have received a few DS2480B serial to onewire driver chips and I'd like to try them with the arduino to see if a proper line driver helps any. I found an Arduino library for the DS2482s series (I2C) but has anyone used the DS2480B? I guess I should broaden my search to include any example code as serial data is serial data regards whether it's an arduino or whatever. If there's already any library out there I'd appreciate hearing about it.


Sorry to bring this back up but I'm still looking to work with the DS2480B. I am still finding the datasheet confusing and I'm hoping there's a simple way to adapt ol' DS18B20 library code to work with a DS2480B. Any new takers?

Are you still curious about the DS2480 and Arduino? I have some relevant info comparing DS2480 to using the AVR serial port to bit-bang the protocol. Summary - you're probably better-off doing the latter.

I have a library which works with DS2480. This solution is much better than “bit-bang”. If it’s interesting I’ll share it. I need to make a documentation and adaptation to Arduino IDE. The project is done in AVR Studio. it’s based generally on Dallas Semiconductor’s I-wire API.

I am looking for an Arduino library for theMaxim DS2480 (I guess it't DS2480B not but Maxim literature seems to indicate there are trivial functional differences.) Bit banging works poorly when the line gets populated.