Arduino and EAGLE design

On Arduino web page there is Schematic & Reference Design in CadSoft EAGLE format, overall structure is devided in modules for better view, but how can I connect pins,tracks together, is there autoroute schematic or something

Links o what you are talking about?

in Eagle.. yes you can connect pins and traces together...

and yes there is an auto routing feature.. (if it works good for you)

Split Net - how to connect then? or see what is connected with split net

not sure what you mean..

but you connect with the net tools.. or right click and change net name and connect..etc..

again with out any VISUALS of what you are talking about..your not helping us help you.

how to see full connection picture, without split

schematics are like this… (split)… because its too hard to put everything ON the page and have it directly connected…

it would either be VERY messy & hard(er) to follow… or wouldnt all fit properly…

if you look, the names are still the same even though they are not physically connected on the schematic… as long as the names are the same… Eagle will undertsand/know they are to be connected together…

xl97 is correct, it's common NOT to physically connect all signal with lines ("wires") because it quickly becomes a rat's nest that's impossible to follow.

That said some people "split" everything to a ridiculous degree.

It's a matter of finding the right balance that makes the diagram readable to a human, the software couldn't care less.