Arduino and ESP8266 (ESP-01)


I have a problem connecting an Arduino Nano and a ESP-01. If i connect only the arduino to usb, is detected and can upload sketchs. If i connect the arduino with the esp, the arduino isn't detected by the computer( either windows or OSX). Anyone has this problem?

The esp connection are this:

Nano - ESP

Gnd - Gnd
3.3v - VCC
3.3v - GPIO 0
Pin 2 - RX
Pin 3 - TX

i've tried to connect the arduino with as Y usb cable to receive more current but didn't work.

The only reason why the PC wouldn’t detect the Nano is due to the TX and TX pins connected to something. If you are sure, upload the code to the Nano without anything connected, then connect the ESP and reset the Arduino to see if that works.