Arduino and ESP8266 in PCB

Hello guys i am making a project. I am done with my prototype. It is working on breadboard. I have used 433 mhz rf modules,esp8266 , arduino uno and nano. It is gonna be a commercial product so i need to convert them pcb format. Are there some prepared drawings for them or is there anyone who can give me a hand about it. Thanks

Hi ~6,

I assume you've got a good schematic and a bill of materials already and are just looking for packaging help? Pat

let me be clear. my prototype is working on breadboard and it is gonna be a commercial product so it should be on pcb. of course i can draw the schematics of other things like temp sensor or resistors capacitors etc. However i dont know how to convert esp8266 and 433 mhz rf modules into the pcb.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I thought you were looking for PCB layout help. There are a number of folks here that do that type of work.

What PCB (schematic/board layout) tool are you using? Specialty library components can be found or created for the esp8266 and 433 mhz rf modules, but we'll need to know which format.

Actually i have no information about their differences. I mean which one is better I dont know which one should i use. However i just talked with one firm which is printing pcb's and they wanted gerber format. But i think most common one is eagle ?

Hi caneradiyaman6,

Gerber is a PCB file format. Eagle is a PCB tool that creates Gerber files and native Eagle files. You are correct - PCB houses will accept Gerber files and many will accept Eagle files too.

  1. The real question is what tool will you use to create the PCB files? Many of us on the forum use Eagle, but there are a lot of good tools out there. The tool you select will dictate how you enter the new parts into your library.

  2. Are you looking for advice on what tool to use or are you looking for someone to convert your breadboard schematic into a board layout for you?