Arduino and Ethernet Shield Comms

Hi there,

For my home automation project, I require the following:

  • My arduino to push sensor values to a server
  • My server to control ports on the arduino

Is it possible for the Arduino to operate in both modes? Where is listens and sends at the same time? If so, how?


Over ethernet? If yes, yes. I and several others on this board have done that and there are examples all over the web.

Can you show me one of these examples?? i cant found anyone

kduin: Can you show me one of these examples?? i cant found anyone

What kind of server? Web Server? Application Server? FTP Server? Database Server? Applebee's Server?

Server is a very abstract term that saying you want to push values to and accept commands from a "server" doesn't really provide much information.

Sure, if you want a web server to respond to requests and a web client that will send things to other web servers. Look on my page at There is a simple server and a client running on the same device. This one happens to be a mega2560, but you can do it on any arduino. I don't have anything less complicated though; so if you want something simple keep asking, someone here has a simpler version.