Arduino and Ethernet Shield enc28j60 - please help me

Hello all. I'm not a specialist in electronics and Arduino is a hobby. I have a mega Arduino and I bought one on ebay enc28j60 shield ( ) with the following pin Vcc, GND, reset, cs, and SCK, WOL, so, int, clkout. I made ??these connections from the Arduino Shield Arduino -> Shield 3.3 -> Vcc GND -> GND pin53 (ss) -> cs pin52 (SCK) -> SCK pin51 (MOSI) -> so pin50 (miso) -> si

but the system does not work. Please tell me if you need to connect the shield and the other pins (reset, WOL, int) and if I made ??any wrong connection. Thank you for your time.

This is what I thought.
I thought is like that the serial transmission (tx to rx and rx to tx).
Please tell me if I wrong and you need to make other connections in addition.
Thanks a lot.

I resolved my problem. Topic can be closed. Thanks

I resolved my problem. Topic can be closed.

You neglected to tell us what the resolution was.

How come no logic level translation was employed? The module doesnt seem to carry any,and nor does the mega run at 3.3V.