arduino and excel

hi guys
I would like to know how can I insert data (lots of data), arising from a chart in a arduino motor shield connected to an Arduino UNO.
The function of the program is to simulate the motion of the waves and the data that I insert should vary every 0.05 seconds.

Depends on what you mean by "lots of data". The FLASH (program) memory can contain about 30,000 bytes. Of course your program has to share that space so much more than about 20,000 bytes and you should consider external memory like an SD card or an EEPROM or FRAM chip.

You can use a Leonardo to act like a keyboard emulator and have your code directly type in data to your spread sheet as it it were coming from the keyboard.

the data that I insert should vary every 0.05 seconds

While your Arduino will cope with that I am not sure your PC will, you will have to try.

What you want to do is not clear but, since you mention Excel, the simplest solution is to export the data direct to Excel, thereby absolving you from any memory issues. You can use PLX-DAQ to do this. It is a macro that effectively makes Excel into a terminal. I don't know how you would go with such a rapid output.

I think he wants to go the other way meaning export data from an excel sheet to the arduino. The way to do that is to simply convert the data to an array and store it in flash memory. I noticed you mentioned waves maybe you could approximate your data with a formula? Depending on how well you can approximate or exactly calculate your data in real time this may be a better option regardless of whether you can cram in the data or not. Or you could even combine look up table with calculations.

I think he wants to go the other way meaning export data from an excel sheet to the arduino.


thank you for your answers.
I have an arduino UNO and an Arduino Motor shield which allows me to move an stepper motor.
My problem is that the engine has to move each time with a different sequence, and this sequence is derived from the data that I want to insert in the program.
The data correspond to the numbers of revolutions that the engine needs to do
I hope to be more clear.
thank you

Yes, I think I understand now!
I assume your intent is to generate sequences in the spreadsheet I have no idea how you would read direct from Excel into Arduino. The trouble is that Excel and terminal programmes are used for data aquisition, rather than distribution, but I would not be surprised if somebody has done the latter.

I imagine it would be a lot easier to generate the code first and then transfer it to Arduino. The simplest way to that is to use an SD card. You might be able to use a PC programme, like Processing, that reads the file and exports it to Arduino via serial.

Unfortunately I don't know how to use processing and frankly I'm not very interested at the moment.
I have just bought an Arduino Ethernet and an SD card.
I was advised to use an array, but I don't know how. Can i have an exemples please?

If you are OK with generating the number in Excel and subsequently feeding Arduino, then copying a CSV to SD and sticking it in the slot is the easy way to go, so forget about Processing.

I'm afraid I don't know much about arrays, particularly the two dimensional ones you are going to need, but some info is here

thank you so much, but i had already seen this site

I try to explain my problem better than before. I'm doing a project that, once completed will allow me to store energy through the movement of the waves. To do this I'm using an Arduino UNO, an Arduino Ethernet, a bipolar stepper motor, a spring and a boa. I made a program that allows me to move the engine so random, but I would like to move into an area and at a certain time. To move the engine so I have to use the data I have on the SD card. So, how do I get the data from the SD card to the program? Attached find the program and data to be inserted (column D in "step").

Attached find the program and data to be inserted (column D in "step").