Arduino and Gamer Kit from TechnologyWillSaveUs

so i recently bought this gamer kit for twsu and besides a simple animation and flashing lights i have no idea how to actually program the gameboy! The main thing i really would like to understand about this new piece of tech is how to use button inputs for the tempwitches to the actual arduino bored. I have no idea how to call or list or whatever set a button to an action. Can anyone help?!??! Big thanks!

link to kit:

You got to look at the link you gave, it has cheat sheets for that library that shows you what functions do what. Your button pins are already defined for you, unless you want to change them, in which case you would need to change the sketch too.

Instead of trying to find out which input
is plugged into which pin, you can use
the following keywords as references
to the pin numbers. For example, if
you want to check if the “up” button is
pressed, use isPressed(UP);

#define UP 0
#define LEFT 1
#define RIGHT 2
#define DOWN 3
#define START 4
#define LDR 5