arduino and gps


i have a question: can arduino work with this gps module? does it need a backup battery? thanks!

i hope you know this is only a module and you need to solder it on a breakout board. even that is gonna be hard, seen to size of it. and it has small pads instead of legs. then you need an antennea and other components. if you succeed, i think so, you need to check the datasheet for the SPI commands.

What are you actually planning to make?

----------Mod------------- I recommend you use the GPS-shield from ladyada for 20 bucks. plus the module itself, for 60 bucks. Just stick it on, Load a sketch and Let 'r Rip! ;)

yes i know i'm plannig a gps datalogger, with more than 1hz of refresh,

i don't want to use spi but serial comunication because i also use a sd memory

I don’t know a lot about that refresh rate… but if you had checked the GPS-shield kit from ladyada, you saw that it has a SD-slot already. so your already done for about $80. (dont forget the GPS Module!)

Duh Almost everybody uses GPS for datalogging, but what is your goal? track your girlfriend? :wink:

not for my girlfriend... ;D ;D

i already have a sd board so i only want a module

i also look at

that is better (incorporate antenna) but i don't understand if it need a backup battery

i think you dont need a ext. pwr source, just 3.3 v and the module to rx & tx. i think, i just dont understand spi and TTL and so jet, but i hope i will so do.

What are you then tracking? ur House?

it's for a mini robot to have the position and the time