Arduino and images

I am working on a rc submarine for my undergrad project with arduino. I really want to add a camera into the submarine. For surveillance purposes. My questions are-
1.Is it possible?how it is possible?
2. If it is not possible to interface a camera with an arduino, is there any other way to send video from underwater to the surface? What is that way?
Thanks in advance

Arduino did't have the power to process images, you can use raspberry pi.

How big is your RC submarine?

This is actually interesting because I was wondering if they made a sort of camera shield the other day. Would he have to build his own camera or do they make a sort of attachment shield for the raspberry pi? I'm guessing the most logical way of doing this particular project is to use a video camera, but i'm more curious about a the possibility of a picture camera.

I'm going to check up on this post in a few days to see how the project is coming along. Please keep the status updated and let us know what equipment you end up using and if it works.