arduino and labview set buffer size error

hey guys, this is my first post. i got my arduino yesterday and am interfacing it with labview, eventualy with an 18bit adc.

when going through a labview tutorial. (cant post it because its my first post and for some silly reason i cant post links.)

I get the following error-

code -1073807299 VISA Set I/O Buffer Size in Arduino Connection (SubVI).vi

Error -1073807299 occurred at VISA Set I/O Buffer Size in Arduino Connection (SubVI).vi Possible reason(s): VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF003D) Invalid buffer mask specified.

this error occurs after i plug in the arduino, and upload the test program, then run labview.

another error i seem to get is this one... code -1073807360 Property Node (arg 8) in VISA Configure Serial Port (Instr).vi->Arduino Connection (SubVI).vi

im not sure what causes it, but it occurs if i disconnect the arduino, close down the arduino software, and with the labview patch still open, reconnect the arduino, and then run the vi.

can anyone assist me with these errors? thanks for any help guys.

this is the tutorial

also, i have installed the visa software properly, and selected the correct port - com 6

despite the errors, i've been able to get it working!