Arduino and Liberty Basic

I wrote my first program (with a lot of help) in Liberty Basic to continue read the output from the Arduino Duemilanove!
For now it is only one analog input that I read, but the rest is coming.

Here is a screendump from the result:

Nice! Is Liberty Basic free?


There is a freeware version( ), but to use all possibilities, like must buy it, but it is rather cheap: It is a very simple language, successor of GWbasic or Quickbasic, for old people like me... :)

Have you tried any of the more modern languages like Java or C#? I honestly don't think they're any more difficult than Basic, and you can get fully fledged development environments for free to try them out. I cut my teeth on ZX81 basic...


Yes, but those languages are too big and difficult for me. I grew up with Quickbasic, and Liberty Basic uses almost the same syntax, So...

Opinion alert:

If you cut your teeth on Quickbasic then Liberty Basic is just fine. It's a well done version basic that fills a gap between "the good old days" and using a full fledged version Microsoft Visual basic.

As you can see from his sample, Liberty basic is very much up to the task. It is a true RAD coding tool since it is not bulky or overweight with optional heady concepts like OOP and such. If you just want to perform SERIAL I/O and make a quick and easy user interface you really need a modern language like JAVA?

Simple to use is not a bad thing. I used to think JAVA was OK but now with each release since I started using it... I think more that it's just a huge behemoth that is crushing itself under it's own weight. The JRE kernel in java 6 is twice the size of java 5... yikes.

He could just as well written his application in TCL/TK and it would be perfectly fine. It's the results that count.

Agreed! :)